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At Braeburn Primary & Nursery Academy we seek…

  • To provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment in which everybody is valued and encouraged to make a positive contribution to the school.
  • To support, encourage and give each child the opportunity to achieve their potential.
  • To develop a sense of pride, celebrate our successes and foster a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.
  • To work together, support, respect and care for each other.
  • To be at the heart of the community and work closely with families.

Our Aims

At Braeburn Primary and Nursery Academy our first aim is to foster a positive self-esteem and strong self- image in each child. This is crucial in the support of five key outcomes:

  • Leading healthy lifestyles and having good health
  • Being kept safe and protected from harm
  • Succeeding in a good school
  • Making positive choices for personal responsibility
  • Being economically secure

Leading healthy lifestyles and having good health

At Braeburn Primary and Nursery Academy we aim to achieve this by:

Promoting, in all children and their families, good attitudes towards and understanding of healthy living.

Working to ensure children know about the life choices they can make that will ensure they stay physically healthy. Teach them directly and indirectly about the need for:

  • Exercise and physical activity to promote fitness
  • A balanced diet that includes fruit and vegetables
  • High standards of personal hygiene and good self help skills
  • Safe sun practices.
  • Avoidance of smoking, drugs and other unhealthy practices.

Working to ensure children’s good mental and emotional health.

  • Support the development of good interpersonal and social skills
  • Support the development of positive self-image
  • Provide a warm school environment that makes the children feel valued, happy, safe and secure.

Working with the school Nurse, Doctor and other outside agencies to support children and families in health matters. Working with others in the development of easily accessible health services.

Being kept safe and protected from harm

At Braeburn Primary and Nursery Academy we aim to achieve this by:

Creating both a physically and emotionally safe learning environment where children feel secure. Be vigilant in maintaining this to ensure children are educated in a safe environment whilst ensuring school remains stimulating and challenging.

Supporting the development of the skills children need to make sound judgements and decisions to ensure their own safety, both in school and out in the community.

Working with other agencies to support safeguarding, including Child Protection work.

Having a strong ethos of “listening” to children and taking them seriously.

Succeeding in a good school

At Braeburn Primary and Nursery Academy we aim to achieve this by:

Ensuring that every child enjoys their learning and achieves success.

  • Meeting the individual needs of all children and ensuring that children achieve the best they can, experience success, and reach their full potential.
  • Providing a school that is a nurturing supportive home from home where all children feel encouraged, valued, accepted and cared for and know that their successes are celebrated.
  • Providing a high quality holistic education within an interesting, stimulating and challenging learning environment where there are high expectations and aspirations using target setting to support high standards.

Providing and supporting the school staff

  • Working as a team where staff support one another to identify and capitalise on their strengths
  • Providing access to appropriate continuous professional development
  • Ensuring staff know they are valued and are able to fulfil their own potential

Working with parents, carers and others to ensure enjoyment and achievement.

  • Developing teamwork and understanding between everyone involved in the school and the community within an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • Developing a sense of school community by valuing each others’ successes both in and out of school
  • Provide parents, carers and other adults in the community (via “Open Doors”) with access to life-long learning opportunities.
  • Using family learning and other opportunities to help parents and carers to understand how they can support their children’s learning.
  • Be available informally and at parent interviews to meet and talk with parents so that we can work in partnership to support children’s learning.

Promoting good attendance and time keeping through a range of proactive strategies.

Providing children with access to a range of extended schools opportunities

  • Provide recreational activities at lunchtime and after school
  • Signpost children and families to out of school activities offered outside school.
  • Work in partnership with the Eastfield extended schools cluster to develop extended schools opportunities

Making positive choices for personal responsibility

At Braeburn Primary and Nursery Academy we aim to achieve this by:

Giving the children opportunities for expressing opinions and contributing towards decision making and the life of the school.

  • Children are supported socially and emotionally within school so that as they mature they develop an understanding of their part in the school and wider community.
  • Children take responsibilities within the school and classroom and are expected to meet these responsibilities.
  • Children participate in plays and assemblies which are seen by the rest of the school and parents and carers.

Encouraging children to develop respect for the needs of people and the environment

  • Promote self-respect and positive self-image.
  • Learning about right and wrong and how to make the correct choices. Use a range of positive strategies to reward and encourage good behaviour.
  • Work with parents, carers and outside agencies to support children’s social development.
  • Encourage children to realise that people are different from one another in many ways and to see this difference as neither better nor worse. Promote understanding, acceptance and respect for other people regardless of gender, race, age or appearance.

Being economically secure

At Braeburn Primary and Nursery Academy we aim to achieve this by:

Helping children begin to learn the key skills for modern living that they can build on through-out their educational and working lives

  • Skills learnt through the curriculum (literacy, mathematics, computing etc.)
  • Learning skills (thinking skills, the ability to use a range of learning styles, positive attitudes to new learning etc)
  • Life skills (the ability to cooperate with others, flexibility, communication skills independent learning skills.
  • Begin to learn some of the disciplines needed for working life (attendance, reliability, punctuality, conforming to community expectations)

Support parents and carers in achieving economic well being

  • Encourage parents to develop their full potential
  • Provide access to lifelong learning through “Open Doors” to improve parents’ opportunities for further training and employment.
  • Provision of child-care so parents can achieve a better standard of living