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At Braeburn Primary and Nursery Academy, we aspire to develop confident, enthusiastic and creative learners in reading and writing. With a high priority on Oracy throughout school, our children will speak, read and write with increasing fluency to prepare them for their future. As a result of wider opportunities and curriculum enrichment our children will know more, remember more and understand more.



We aim to promote a culture of positivity and enjoyment surrounding reading in our school so that children develop a thirst for reading. Through carefully planned objectives, children are supported to develop their word recognition and comprehension throughout their journey through school. With a strong focus on Phonics in Nursery, Reception and Key Stage One, children are developing firm foundations to become more fluent readers. The use of Guided Reading and Reading for Real across school promotes and refines comprehension skills to ensure children can understand texts in their reading lessons, whilst also applying this to the wider curriculum so they can research and know more about a topic. With a focus on learning new vocabulary across the school, children will broaden their vocabulary and apply this to their writing. Through dialogic talk, children are able to discuss, evaluate and build-upon ideas to encourage our learners to become critical readers. We are developing more confident readers who will use these skills for life-long learning and to support them in the wider world. 



At Braeburn we support our children in their development as creative writers. Our writing programme aims to motivate children; give them the basic skills they need as writers; provide them with rich experiences drawn from their cross-curricular work and immerses them in language so that they have something to say, the motivation to say it and the tools to do this skillfully. The opportunity to talk, verbalise and discuss work will run through everything we do. Our children can build confidence, skill, language acquisition and grammatical structures through the use of language and we will provide rich and daily opportunities for this to happen. Our aim is to nurture a culture where children take pride in their writing and are celebrated as successful writers; writing must be relevant and meaningful to our children. Writing is delivered through a systematic approach where children:

  • Are motivated to write through a genre or experience  
  • Analyse examples to find out how to be successful
  • Create success criteria
  • Explore key vocabulary
  • Learn how to use grammatical features
  • Understand the writer’s process through modelling 
  • Write independently
  • Edit, up-level and refine their work
  • Review their success