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History Substantive Knowledge

In History at Braeburn Primary and Nursery Academy, substantive knowledge is organised into three main areas: knowledge and chronology, historical enquiry and vocabulary. The curriculum is designed to progressively build knowledge and skills year upon year. Historical periods are carefully allocated to specific year groups in line with the national curriculum. Children explore: key events, how people (including key figures) lived and changes to lifestyle over time, make links between different time periods and begin to accurately place them in time with increasing chronological accuracy.

History Disciplinary knowledge

Disciplinary knowledge in History at Braeburn Primary and Nursery Academy is our approach and ethos in the delivery of our curriculum. History involves engaging and enriching opportunities, which are based on a progressive curriculum. Knowledge is acquired through high quality lessons, visitors, trips, experiences and active learning opportunities. Explicitly taught vocabulary will form a basis for the development of knowledge, as well as the development of and application of a range of specified historical enquiry skills which are grounded in curiosity.

History Intent

History Progression Document

History Knowledge Organisers