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Posted On 03 Dec 2020
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At Braeburn, we aspire to develop inquisitive, collaborative and creative scientists. Our science  curriculum is structured to provide lessons that are: 









We aim to unlock children’s scientific knowledge by carefully planning opportunities for oracy, enabling them to ask and answer questions, become effective communicators and use specific scientific vocabulary. Assessment of previous learning at the start of each topic ensures progression throughout the year groups. In science lessons, children build resilience whilst exploring and experimenting and are able to embed their oracy skills within these wider opportunities. Working collaboratively in lessons builds confidence and raises self esteem as well as giving children the opportunity to think critically and work on their self belief.

Science at Braeburn, provides a range of wider opportunities including family events, clubs and more recently outdoor activities which enrich the curriculum ensuring it is always engaging for the children and gives them more opportunities to build on their oracy skills. Our Science education aims to give all children a strong understanding of Science capital, whilst acquiring specific skills and knowledge to help them to think scientifically. Scientific skills are embedded in each topic that the children are taught, through the use of tight learning objectives.

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