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Substantive knowledge:

We aspire to promote a culture of positivity and enjoyment surrounding reading in our school so that children develop a thirst for reading. Through carefully planned objectives, children are supported to develop their word recognition and comprehension throughout their journey through school.  Aiming for our pupils to leave school as skilled readers, we focus on the building blocks of reading: syntax, context, vocabulary, knowledge of narrative structure, prosody and fluency. 



Disciplinary knowledge:

With a strong focus on Phonics – through Little Wandle – in Nursery, Reception and Key Stage One, children are developing firm foundations to become more fluent readers. Throughout KS2, pupils continue to develop their fluency through targeted phonics sessions and the Reading Plus programme. The use of Guided Reading and Reading for Real across school promotes and refines comprehension skills to ensure children can understand texts in their reading lessons, whilst also applying this to the wider curriculum so they can research and know more about a topic. With a focus on learning new vocabulary across the school, children will broaden their vocabulary and apply this to their writing. Through dialogic talk, children are able to discuss, evaluate and build-upon ideas to encourage our learners to become critical readers. We are developing more confident readers who will use these skills for life-long learning and to support them in the wider world. 

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